All the Tools You Need to Build a 6 Figure Portfolio

In this course, I don't preach about options signals, overnight success, or any of the typical "fake guru" strategies. Instead, This course is PERFECT for beginners, I breakdown options to the most basic level and give you a step-by-step guide that will give you the tools to building a successful portfolio, all while in the comfort of your own home.

What this course offers

This course aims to teach BRAND NEW beginners how to trade stocks AND options without overcomplicating the terminology. I teach you how to make $1000 profits daily with various strategies.

I have been posting my options plays, showing exactly what stocks to buy to make over $1000 per day for years, but people have asked me HOW I do it. This course shows you exactly what I do to make this kind of money WITHOUT having millions of dollars

Most stock gurus will tell you that you can make thousands per day, but they have over $100,000 in their account, I show you how to make BIG PROFITS while still having the account size of a normal person.

I am still able to make over $1000 PER DAY and I have under $20k on this account.

Course Curriculum (Click arrow to see lessons)


-Introduction 📽️

-What to Expect 📽️

-Resources 📽️

Chapter 1: Get into the Trading Mindset

-Trading without Emotions 📽️

-Risk vs Reward 📽️

-Control your Position Sizes 📽️

-How Much Money Should You -Have to Start? 📽️

-The “Get Rich Quick” Myth 📽️

-Have a Growth Mindset 📽️

Chapter 2: Stock Market Basics

-What Trading Platforms Should I Use? 📽️

-How to Buy and Sell Stocks 📽️

-LIVE DEMO: Buying and Selling Stocks 📽️

-Why do Stock Prices Change? 📽️

-What is a Growth Stock 📽️

-These 5 Stocks Will Make You the Most Money in The Long Run 📽️

-What is Technical Analysis 📽️

-What is Fundamental Analysis 📽️

-Quiz 1: Stock Market Basics ☑️

Chapter 4: Introduction to Stock Options

-What is an Options Contract?📽️

-The Difference Between Stocks and Options📽️

-Why Should You Invest In Options?📽️

-Should you Day Trade Options?📽️

-Beginner Terminology📽️

-The Greeks📽️

-The Perfect Trading Strategy: Know EXACTLY When To Buy and Sell 📽️

Quiz 3: Intro to Stock Options ☑️

Chapter 5: Call Options

-What is a Call Option? 📽️

-What Happens When the Share Price Goes Up, Down, and Stays the Same📽️

-Buy Calls vs Selling Calls 📽️

(Intermediate/Advanced) STRATEGY: The Covered Call 📽️

-Quiz 5: Call Options ☑️

Chapter 6: Put Options

-What is a Put Option?📽️

-What Happens When the Share Price Goes Up, Down, and Stays the Same 📽️

-Buy Puts vs Selling Puts 📽️

-(Intermediate/Advanced) STRATEGY: The Cash Covered Put 📽️

-Quiz 6: Put Options ☑️

Chapter 3: Technical Analysis

-How to Read a Stock Chart (Candlestick Chart) 📽️

-Trading With Support and Resistance 📽️

-How to Use The MACD Indicator 📽️

-How to Use The Relative Strength Index (RSI) 📽️

-MUST KNOW Chart Patterns 📽️

-Quiz 2: Technical Analysis ☑️

Becoming Profitable... Consistently

  • Mind, Money, Method - How to Overcome Your Emotions While Trading
  • Rewiring Your Trading Psychology
  • Mastering Your Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management Mastery
  • How to PERFECT your entries and exits

BONUS - LIVE Masterclasses

- This strategy returns 100%-500%  [LIVE TRADING MASTERCLASS] 📽️

- Mind, Money, Method - How to Overcome Your Emotions While Trading 📽️

- Treating Price Action as Priority 📽️

- How to Actually Become Profitable Trading Options 📽️

-How to Maximize Profits While Swing Trading 📽️

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